Defeat Prepares for Victory

That “Prince of Preachers,” Charles Haddon Spurgeon, freely shared his views on emotions like depression, views which did not include labeling them as sin. Today’s piece from one of Spurgeon’s sermons brilliantly deals with a biblical view of depression. For more on this subject as well as a whole gamut of emotions as dealt with by Spurgeon, please read Bright Days, Dark Nights: With Charles Spurgeon in Triumph Over Emotional Pain. * * * AS it is recorded that David, … Read More

Don’t Add to Our Lord’s Atonement

“If thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.”— Exodus 20:25 God’s altar was to be built of unhewn stones, that no trace of human skill or labour might be seen upon it. Human wisdom delights to trim and arrange the doctrines of the cross into a system more artificial and more congenial with the depraved tastes of fallen nature; instead, however, of improving the gospel carnal wisdom pollutes it, until it becomes another gospel, and not … Read More

Responding to Lies and Criticism

Where I have known that there existed a measure of disaffection to myself, I have not recognized it, unless it has been forced upon me, but have, on the contrary, acted towards the opposing person with all the more courtesy and friendliness, and I have never heard any more of the matter. If I had treated the good man as an opponent, he would have done his best to take the part assigned him, and carry it out to his … Read More

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