Ruth Bell Graham: Reference Points

It is difficult for me as a counselor to deal with some of the extreme views so frequently put forth by certain Christians. Some who want God’s reference point for morality, purity, or holiness seem frequently to ignore His standard on love and compassion. Others who go to an opposite extreme speak of a cheap kind of love that demands little in the way of holiness. Most of us have difficulty understanding other people’s pain unless it is a pain … Read More

Divine Comfort

Bishop H. C. G. Moule (1841–1920) is my favorite Bible commentator. Amy Carmichael wrote about a letter she once received from Bishop Moule, in which he describes our Lord’s divine comfort: A letter, slipped into a book by mistake less than twenty years ago, has lately reappeared as such things kindly do sometimes. It was written from Auckland Castle soon after Mrs. Moule’s death had left the Bishop very lonely, for his daughter Tesie had died a little while before, … Read More

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