Fit to Be in the Oval Office

Years ago when I was a young teacher and Ronald Reagan was governor of California, my favorite aunt needed to be put in a convalescent home due to a severe illness. It was a new experience for our family since anyone who was sick or in need was always cared for by family. After returning from a weekend away, my parents and I went to visit her and were horrified by what we saw. She was sitting in a chair … Read More

An Amusing Anecdote About Billy Graham

Presenting another, more human view of Billy Graham, Ruth Grapham often referred to him as “Puddleglum,” the Marsh-wiggle in The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis. For those who have not read the Chronicles of Narnia, or who do not remember Puddleglum, a typical interchange between Puddleglum and his friends reads like this: “Good-by, dear Puddleglum,” said Jill going over to the Marsh-wiggle’s bed. “I’m sorry we called you a wet blanket.” “So’m I,” said Eustace. “You’ve been the best … Read More

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