This Wonderful Christ

It [Hebrews 7] gives us the certainty that, for every human heart which asks for God, this wonderful Christ, personal, eternal, human, Divine, is quite immediately accessible. The hands of need and trust have but to be lifted, and they hold Him. And He is the Son. In Him we have the Father. We do indeed “draw nigh to God through Him.” Therefore we will do it. The thousand confusions of our time shall only make this Divine simplicity the more … Read More

What Are You Living For?

To many of us today the meaning of success has deteriorated to power, fame and above all money. If it is true that you can, in part, judge a people by their television commercials, then it would be accurate to assume that our greatest gauge of success at this time is money. If you are rich, you are successful. We feel that if we are having a hard time financially we aren’t “making it,” and we have a compulsion not … Read More

Life on the Line

A child lying on the operating table suddenly stopped the anesthesiologist as he began to prepare her for a surgery she had endured many times before. “Wait!” she cried. “I need to tell you something.” Relieved that her cry had not been one of pain, the young doctor stopped what he was doing and waited. “I may not live through the surgery this time,” the child said with an attitude of wisdom beyond her eight years. “I don’t want you … Read More

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