God Is Our Home

“The eternal God is thy refuge.” — Deuteronomy 33:27 The word refuge may be translated “mansion,” or “abiding-place,” which gives the thought that God is our abode, our home. There is a fulness and sweetness in the metaphor, for dear to our hearts is our home, although it be the humblest cottage, or the scantiest garret; and dearer far is our blessed God, in whom we live, and move, and have our being. It is at home that we feel … Read More

Making the Most of Your Life

The love of the mountain, the strenuous hiking, and the intense enjoyment of the beauty of nature seen close up were each a very important but yet overlooked and now forgotten part of the life of the famous hymn writer Frances Ridley Havergal, author of hymns like “Take My Life and Let It Be,” “Like a River Glorious,” and “Who Is on the Lord’s Side.” Instead, her image is largely one of saintly invalidism. Nor is she appreciated for her … Read More

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