Disproving the view that counseling is either anti-biblical or merely “psychobabble,” and warning against the extremes of New Age-type mysticism, Divine Recycling offers a multidimensional therapy which treats the individual according to his or her own unique needs. From a psychology of meaning, to physical treatment of the body and attention to the spiritual needs common to mankind, Divine Recycling emphasizes that diversity. Cutting-edge issues like brain plasticity and the biochemical results of exercise on memory are included. For some this will be a self-help book. For others this will offer a new approach to psychotherapy as a God-given tool in helping people who are hurting or who simply want greater growth in their lives.

In the words of orthopedic surgeon Jan Dahlin, “Even to sometimes skeptical Christians Skoglund builds a strong case for a long-awaited mental health science validated by new data on brain function and repair coupled with at least an acceptance of the possibility of spiritual realities by the scientific community.”

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